Golf Fitness Workout – Do Not Forget Your Glutes

Your golf fitness workout has probably changed quite a bit over the years. When you began to play the game you did not have a golf fitness workout because it was believed that it would only ruin your golf swing. Then you golf workout program became regular exercises such a running and bench presses. Now, your program includes many golf specific exercises. With all of the modern technology and science available to us these days, research has revealed how important keeping your posture throughout the golf swing is to producing good golf shots. Research also shows the strength to keep your golf swing posture comes from your glute muscles or rear-end.

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Many golfers complain about back pain. This can be a result of weak glute muscles. With weak glute muscles, your back must support the upper body during the golf swing. The upper body is just not made to make this type of a motion and over time will result in back pain.

The following three golf specific exercises can be used with an exercise ball and will help you strengthen your glutes when added to your golf fitness workout:

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THE BACK STEP LUNGE : Start with you standing with your feet together. Keep your chest out and your abs tight and do not slouch forward. Place your hands on your hips or by your sides if you are not using extra weight. Step backward with your left leg. Bend both your knees until your left knee is nearly touching the floor. Your right shin should remain in a straight line with your ankle perpendicular to the floor. Pull yourself forward using the right leg until you’re in the standing position again, squeeze your glutes. Then swap legs and perform the exercise again stepping back with your right leg. Remember to stay tight and watch your balance.

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