Weight Loss Supplements – Lose Your Money, Not Your Weight!

Supplements marketed for losing weight are a multi-billion dollar industry with so many people (mainly women) seeking the “get rich quick” solution to their weight loss desires Adipex. Unfortunately for most they are simply wasting their hard-earned money as the supplements do not do as they say on the tin.

Researchers from the Peninsula Medical School at the universities of Exeter and Plymouth reviewed a number of studies into the effectiveness of nine supplements and found no evidence they work weight loss clinic. The UK team reviewed existing data on guar gum, bitter orange, calcium, glucomannan (a dietary fibre), chitosan (listed as a fat absorber), chromium picolinate (sometimes sold as an appetite suppressant) and green tea Metermine. Their findings prove that as far as diet supplements go they’re mostly worthless!

Another study conducted in Germany looked at the nine most common weight loss supplements sold over the counter. They took 189 overweight individuals and spilt them into 10 groups. The groups were given either the weight loss supplements or placebo Duromine. Even though those taking the weight loss supplements did lose weight it was really no different from those taking the placebo.