Revisiting The Theory of High Intensity Training

I continue to be overwhelmed dianabol by questions from experienced bodybuilders regarding High Intensity Training. Bodybuilders are confused and bewildered about the proper course of action to take in designing their workouts while applying these principals. Mike Mentzer covered the issue very well in his book, Heavy Duty II, Mind and Body and I have covered it also in my book, R U Serious – The Foundation. Despite these efforts, confusion still arises.

I have tracked it to a single reason, just one thing. That thing is thinking. If you understand how to think through and apply the Theory of High Intensity Training, it all becomes very clear. In this article I am going to attempt to clarify any confusion and once and for all give the simple roadmap to designing a HIT workout.

It all started back in the 70s with an entrepreneur injecting steroids named Arthur Jones. Arthur was a genius of a man with a great mind. His passion was in discovering ways of measuring exercise and the elements related as such… i.e. friction etc. In doing so, Arthur Jones created the famous Nautilus machines, which in my opinion are the best on the market, with Hammer Strength following closely behind.